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About Us

Make Life’s Juice Worth the Squeeze

Squeezed was founded by Eric Benson who had a loved one struggling with life’s squeeze. As a Corporate Trainer/Entrepreneur who spent a majority of his life teaching and sharing stories of his own experiences, he felt these could inspire those struggling when squeezed by life.

He began writing those life lessons that he went through at one point or another when he volunteered at one of his three daughters third grade class.  The third graders got what it meant to feel “Squeezed”. From that inspiration, the idea of Squeezed evolved and encompassed finishing the “Squeezed” book, “Lucky Am I” children’s book and the PSIYQ (Project Squeezed) movement which brings a number of meaningful care packages that promote happy, healthy, and inspired lifestyles.

Why We Exist and Why it Matters To You

Right now there is an urgent and compelling need to work to uplift people squeezed by life.  At some point we will all be squeezed without question.  It is not the squeeze that matters though, it is what we do with it that does.  Outside of food and shelter humans have 3 essential hardwired needs in life which are: Safety, Belonging and Mattering. If those needs are not being met humans tend to have adverse, negative and sometimes even life threatening repercussions. The #1 killer of humans is heart disease (or some form of cardiovascular disease), which can often times be linked to depression and even suicide.  The great part though is that these diseases are highly preventable by consistent, healthier habits.  We are committed to lifting spirits.  When spirits are lifted it can have an enormous effect on time and money spent on health care issues and can help reverse the alarming epidemic of anxiety, depression and suicide.

Eric Benson

Squeezed founder Eric Benson


Founder Eric Benson and the girls shown here leading the effort to load up 500 lbs of Peanut Butter for a local food bank (HACAP).